HALO EYES - By Katie Jane Hughes

HALO EYES - By Katie Jane Hughes

This look is all about balance...

I've been loving the makeup trend where you apply intense shadows to the inner and outer corner of the eyes... but leave the middle part nice and bright.  Instagram calls this look "Halo eyes".  It's very easy to pull off, super easy to do and is definitely a sexy kinda look.  It's sultry and romantic with a slight sinister vibe...  which is a perfect makeup look to me. 

I do feel that with an eye like this; skin should be light and fresh... Lips not too painted... And brows not to done.


All you need is...

Two eye shadows that you like... Two makeup brushes (one small for details & one larger for blending)...  And your favorite mascara.

I first prepped my eyes with IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Cream and a little Nars Creamy Concealer.  

Using a small detail brush like MAC Cosmetics 239 brush I applied MAC Spellbinder Shadow in Aphrodisiatic by gently pressing on pigment on inner and outer corners.

When the colour is on, blend only the edges of your work with a fluffy brush like IT Cosmetics Airbrush Blending Crease Brush #105  (I also love this brush for blending concealer).

Now for the pop of brightness... If you want a major contrast like I do, you can use a tiny amount of light concealer on the center area of the eye first. 

just blend softly with your ring finger... if you want it subtle just go straight on with the colour.  

I used Cle De Peau Eye Shadow in 209 and pressed on over the concealer.

I kept adding until I was happy with the concentration of colour... then I grabbed my fluffy IT Cosmetics Blender and softly diffused any edges.

I finished with eye with lots of MAC Cosmetics Upward Lash  (my fave for dramatic Twiggy lashes)

For the Brows I used my usual suspects... click here to see how I do my brows.

On lips I went for a grey - nude to let the colour on the eyes really stand out... I used my go to Lorac Pro Matte lip in Greige.  

To shade the cheeks I used a little Fiona Stiles Beauty Sheer Sculpting Palette - Light/Medium

The end... I hope this helped with your Halo Eye goals.

Till next time.

Katie x